Citizens Advice Cornwall is seeking collaborators. The organisation is working with wearewithyou to prepare a report on the impact of people who are going through rehab who receive large sums in back payments of benefits such as PIP, and the problems this can lead to.

Although mainly known for the advice and guidance service, an equally important part of CAC’s work is in compiling trends and data to raise awareness at local and government level and campaign for change (one current example is the £20 uplift in Universal Credit).  

They want to make this report as powerful as possible and find a solution to protect vulnerable people from becoming targets of fraud or open to temptation from drink or drugs, without putting in place unnecessary barriers to them accessing their money.

If there are any other organisations who feel they could contribute data or case studies where large back payments have caused problems for the recipient, Citizen’s Advice Cornwall would be really grateful for any input or anecdotal information.  The collaboration is keen to make this report as compelling as possible, so any input or support for this could help achieve a solution. Please contact Gill Pipkin if this is something you can contribute to.