Each week Cornwall VSF plans to post details of forthcoming commemorations, remembrances, and awareness events for the coming week, every Friday.

The point of this is to help link local organisations with national campaigns, raising awareness of important causes (covering the whole of the voluntary sector). Scan through these dates and occasions, and see if any can be applicable to your organisation, then get involved on social media.

This post will cover occasions for week commencing 2 November, with a look to the whole-month events for November.

2 – 6 November

National Stress Awareness Week (Day 4 November)

Stress and mental health problems have never been more important than now, and the challenges they present never more acute than in the Covid-19 pandemic. International Stress Awareness Week 2020 will provide a platform for stress and mental health problems to be highlighted and for insights from around the world to be illuminated

Whole of November

Movember: Men’s Health Awareness Month

Movember brings together a global community of fundraisers (Mo Bros and Mo Sisters) to make a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Veg Pledge 2020

Take on the ultimate fundraising challenge and go vegetarian or vegan for one month to raise money for life-saving cancer research.

Mouth Cancer Action Month

Since it started the annual event in the year 2000, the Oral Health Foundation has invested nearly £2 million on improving awareness and education around mouth cancer, and aims to raise even more awareness this year.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Led by a group of leading international research and advocacy organizations in an effort to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients across the world. Unlike many other diseases, with lung cancer, there is a shocking lack of knowledge among both patients and physicians about effective risk reduction and treatment options.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Every November this event brings together all the pancreatic cancer charities and groups around the whole world into one united, dedicated and hardworking international team – demanding better for those affected by pancreatic cancer.