The Royal Foundation have launched a nationwide survey around early years, called 5 big questions.

Launched by the Duchess of Cambridge last month, the charity hopes to ‘create a national conversation, and bring about positive, lasting change for generations to come’. They say ‘Through our 5 Big Questions, we are bringing together the thoughts of individuals, organisations and businesses so that we can build the healthiest generation in history by giving every child the best start in life.’

The Royal Foundation website says Catherine believes “many of society’s greatest social and health challenges” could be “mitigated or entirely avoided” if young children are given “the right support”.

Kate Stanley, from the NSPCC, says the duchess’s survey will “provide fascinating insight into how we think about the early years and it will be a vital source of information for the sector”.

You are invited to take part in the survey if you are 16 or above and live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, whether you have children or not – there are no right or wrong answers, we want to hear what you think.

Please do answer the questions, and share widely.

You can find the link here.