Wellbeing sessions for keyworkers are taking place in the form of a HOPE Zoom tea party.

These are aimed specifically at people who are feeling overwhelmed or who are in need of support with self-management during these uncertain periods.

The forty minute online sessions with a HOPE facilitator, will be in groups of 6, with each session being themed.
A list of sessions will be advertised on the HOPE website from 27th April.

The first sessions will start on 28th April at 10am and the theme is ‘Talking about Sleep’. There will then be a follow up session on the following week (5th May at 10am).

The sessions aims to help you feel:

  • More supported and enabled to share experiences with others to help them feel less isolated
  • Feel reassured
  • Feel more confident in dealing with emotional issues such as anxiety and uncertainty
  • Feel more empowered to self-manage personal challenges


The ‘Talking about Sleep’ session will be hosted by Alison Flanagan, Lifestyle Medicine Physician and Coach. Find out more about Alison here. 

To book, email with your name and contact details to hopecornwall@volunteercornwall.org.uk  or call 01872 265305 (you will need to access zoom on your phone or computer and be over 18.)

If you would prefer a one-to-one wellbeing session, please email in confidence to welfare@volunteercornwall.org.uk and they will find a wellbeing mentor to contact you within 48 hours.