The Wildlife Trusts (including Cornwall Wildlife Trust) has published its report on marine wildlife and the environment for 2018.

This is the first year that the Trusts have published a marine report, and there are some great stories being told, and extraordinary creatures in our waters.

Review highlights:

  • Conservation action helps rare marine wildlife to make a comeback: from extremely rare short-snouted seahorse and responsible fishing scheme, to crawfish (Cornwall), undulate rays (South Coast), little terns, new seagrass bed charted and highest ever count of sanderlings
  • Bumper year for marine surveys and sightings, nudibranch (sea slugs), curled octopus and basking sharks in Wales
  • Mysterious sightings: boar fish, millions of marine animals stranded, Sowerby’s beaked whale and basking shark in Kent
  • Sewage spills, plastic pollution effects and magnificent beach cleans

You can read the full report on the Wildlife Trusts’ website.


In other environmental news, the Plastic Bag charge is being raised to 10p, and the scheme extended to all shops.  The money raised will be going to ‘good causes’ so the opportunities for small local charities to scoop up this extra money will be extended.  This extension will come into effect in January next year.

You can read more in this Independent article.