Wildlife in decline

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has published a report detailing the decline in wildlife numbers in Cornwall, with urgent action required to prevent the situation becoming worse.

The study found:

  • The 23 species of bees found in Cornwall have declined in their distribution by 44% since 1980.
  • The distribution of wasps declined by 71%.
  • There are 36 species of butterfly found in Cornwall, and distribution their has an estimated decline of 47%.
  • The distribution of butterflies that rely on specialist habitats declined by 81%.


DEFRA’s Agriculture Bill had a second reading in parliament this week, and this contains proposals to pay farmers for more than just producing food, i.e. to reward them for measures which safeguard wildlife, reduce flooding, nurture healthy soils, etc. It is hoped that the bill will be passed, and more farmers will be encouraged to take even more care of their surroundings.

For the full press release from Cornwall Wildlife Trust, see their website.


Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage has been picked as the Met Office’s charity partner, they have just announced, covering the next three years.

The charity is also planning to launch a new Safer Seas Service app in 2019.  The website currently holds real-time information about reported pollution incidents around the coast, and the new app will replace the old one, which has been taken offline for the moment. These incidents generally increase at times of heavy rainfall, as the sewage systems fail to handle the extra water, so be aware, if you’re heading towards the coast.