We have recently come across an interesting blog on the Alzheimer’s Society website, around talking with people who have dementia.

The blog is entitled ‘I want to go home’ – what to say to someone with dementia in care.  The main points are to avoid arguing, and try to establish what is meant by ‘home’.  It might not be the most recent place in which the person has lived, but perhaps a childhood home.  It might, equally, be a feeling of safety and comfort. The blog suggests ways you can steer the conversation, and steps to take, such as establishing why they are feeling the need for ‘home’ – is it because they are feeling lonely, perhaps?

There are a variety of helpful blogs on the Alzheimer’s Society website, including ‘What not to say to someone with dementia‘, and a variety around caring for a person with dementia, both at home, or in a care home.

There is also a helpline, and more information about dementia, and the support that is available to those who have it, and those who care for them.

For organisations, there is a whole section on making your organisation Dementia Friendly, ie a welcoming place for people with dementia to shop in or visit.