Drawn from the BBC’s website.

Personal taxation, wages and debt

  • The personal allowance threshold, the rate at which people start paying income tax at 20%, to rise from £11,850 to £12,500 in April – a year earlier than planned, and then rise in line with inflation
  • National Living Wage increasing by 4.9%, from £7.83 to £8.21 an hour for workers over 25, from April 2019.
  • Extending changes to the way self-employment status is taxed, from the public sector to medium and large private companies, from 2020.
  • Extending the breathing space from legal action given to those facing repayment difficulties, from six weeks to 60 days.
  • Investigation into a no-interest loan scheme for the financially vulnerable, similar to the Good Shepherd project in Australia.

Housing and benefits

  • New partnerships with housing associations in England to deliver 13,000 homes
  • Work allowances for universal credit to be increased by £1.7bn
  • 2.4 million working families with children to benefit by £630 a year
  • An extra £1bn to help welfare claimants transfer to the new consolidated benefit
  • Chancellor insists controversial system is “here to stay”


  • Confirmation of an extra £20.5bn for the NHS over the next five years
  • A minimum extra £2bn a year for mental health services
  • New mental health crisis centres, providing support in every accident and emergency unit in the country
  • More mental health ambulances and a 24-hour mental health crisis hotline.
  • An extra £700m for councils, for care for the elderly and those with disabilities
  • £10m for air ambulances
  • £10m for mental health care for veterans, to mark the centenary of the Armistice which brought World War One to an end


  • A new tax on plastic packaging which does not contain 30% recyclable material
  • No tax on takeaway coffee cups but to be reconsidered if the industry doesn’t make enough progress
  • £60m for planting trees in England
  • £10m to deal with abandoned waste sites

For more information, see the following report: BBC website – Resolution Foundation’s report