Getting out for a walk is a great way to break the winter blues, socialise safely, and enjoy nature this winter – good for mental and physical health. And even if the weather’s not great, you’ll probably be given a hat and scarf set for Chrsimas, so you can test them out!

Here are a pair of walking charities looking to encourage us out of our front doors:

Scottish charity, Paths for All, is asking everyone to pledge to walk a little every day this winter. Take a look at their ‘Walk once a day this winter info hub’, crammed with tips and advice to nudge you to leave your sofa and stay active this winter.

Slow Ways is a new website launching in January, seeking to establish a new people-powered country-wide walking network, from Shetland to Cornwall and Anglesey to East Anglia, connecting hundreds of cities, towns and villages in between. They hope to have 10,000 volunteers walking 100,000km of routes during their launch week 23-31 January.

The website will host 7,000 walking routes, and enable people to search, browse, download, walk, enjoy, share, rate and review them. It will explain, step by step, how to Select, Walk, and Share a Slow Ways route. You can find out more about Slow Ways at zoom meetings on 12 and 14 January and on the holding website here. More details to come, as they got going.

Where to walk

Visit Cornwall has a selection of walks that you can filter by location.

Walking Britain has a variety of Cornish walks, between 1 and 14 miles, graded by difficulty.

Cornwall Guide has a section on walking, including some of the longer routes, for example the South West Coast Path, and the Mineral Tramways Trail.

Countryfile Magazine has an article listing walks in Cornwall, including route instructions and map to download.

Accessible Countryside has a section on routes in Cornwall that can be used by wheelchairs, and those with other disabled access requirements.

iWalk Cornwall has hundreds of local routes accessible for £2.99 each via their app, ranging from 2-10 miles, and exploring some lovely parts of Cornwall. The walks can be filtered by length and steepness, and also type, including ‘coastal’, ‘wildlife’, ‘with a pub’ and more.