Many  of our Members will be aware that we have been conducting an Audit of all of the current Membership, in order to ensure that our list is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Thank you to everyone who has participated – your support is appreciated!

We have been asking people to confirm a main named person to be the primary contact for the organisation, and also to update their details on our website.  Each Member organisation has a page on our site, which holds all your details, and allows people to find the services that you offer, and get in touch with you, when searching our site. We have received dozens of updates to these pages, and will be inputting them onto the website in due course.


There are a handful of organisations for whom we cannot get hold of a details for someone who is prepared to update the organisation’s page on our website, and be the person named in our lists.  We know these organisations are still operational, but we can’t get hold of anyone there to talk to, despite our best efforts. These organisations have until Wednesday 15 May to get in touch with us and confirm who they wish to name as their main contact person, and to update their page on our website.

If we don not hear from those organisations by then, we will be removing their details from our website and mailing lists, for reasons of GDPR.

If you are keen to remain part of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum, and have not yet responded to our emails and messages, please use the form on our website to give us your full details.  You can find the form on our Membership page – and please tick the box to say that you’re taking part in the Membership Audit, so we know to update your existing page.


There have been a significant number of organisations for whom we have been unable to find a current contact name or details.  In some cases we have been able to confirm that the organisation is no longer operational, or has become part of something else.  We have deleted the pages that refer to these organisations, and removed their contact details from our mailing lists.

If any organisation has been deleted in error, please get in touch and we will be happy to reinstate you.  (No-one should be able to see their organisation’s pages at present, as they are all hidden until we have updated them.)

New Members

Once we have finished tidying the list of current Members, we will be conducting a recruitment campaign, to attract new Members to join Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum.  If you know of any voluntary organisations that do not currently belong, please do encourage them to join, so that we can share their news, information and events, keep them supplied with sector news, and represent them in multi-agency work we carry out, with the Council, the NHS and other organisations.

if you are a Member, we’d love to hear from you about why you value your Membership, and what services are the most helpful. Drop us a line!