You may have noticed that the VSF Newsletter today came from a different email address…

Please update your spam filters to allow messages from and to be recognised as friends.

The old address is being phased out, and will eventually cease to exist.


The reason for this change is that Claire Watkins is coming back into VSF to handle the office manager work.  She will also be writing some news stories about what VSF is doing, and some more in-depth news features.  Hannah Danson will still be writing the main news and noticeboard items that appear on the website and in the newsletter.

If you have any office-related matters to discuss, please email Claire at This could be general enquiries, invoices, projects, jobs you would like to advertise or membership enquiries.

For anything relating to the website or the newsletter, please contact Hannah on

But don’t worry if you’re not sure – we are in regular communication, and are quite capable of passing emails across, and the admin inbox is still going to be monitored.

Many thanks for your co-operation as we get used to this new system!

Claire and Hannah