Various snippets of useful information have passed through our hands recently, which aren’t enough for a news article in their own right, but may be handy for you to know about.

Road closures

If you are planning in advance for a community event in your area that will involve street closures, be that a parade, a street fair or something else, the police have a helpful guide for organisers.

You can find it on the website.


Explaining what charities do

There is apparently an un-flattering article due to be published soon comparing admin costs of different charities, which is promising to be unhelpful, and make ill-educated commentary.  The last time this kind of information was in the public eye, a website was set up by the NCVO to explain how admin costs work in the third sector, and offer help in explaining that to donors.

You can find this at

Third Sector have also produced a factsheet that will help charity workers explain things in this area.


Diversity in the charity sector – first Third Sector podcast

Third Sector have begun a podcast looking at issues in the charity sector.  The first edition looks at diversity in the workforce, and can be found on the Third Sector website.


Rural Services Network newsletter

If you are interested in the specific issued faced by, and affecting, rural areas, then the Rural Services Network something you should be aware of.  They have a wealth of information around this area, and an interesting newsletter.

They also have a Rural Funding Digest, which is published monthly, highlighting funding that applies specifically to rural areas.