Various miscellaneous useful information! ONS population figures, localism recognition, apprenticeships and how to change your mobile phone provider, and free organisation resources.

New population figures

The Office for National Statistics has published its latest population figures, for the UK.  ONS population figures.

This will be a useful resource for anyone who is putting in funding bids, as the figures are broken down by geographical area, age and gender, allowing quite precise accounting for user-groups.

Crime figures, and many other datasets are also available on the ONS website.


Recognition for localism work

From Cornwall Council’s Localism and Devolution newsletter

Cornwall has been recognised as leading the way in localism in Locality’s Power Partnerships report.

Locality is the national membership network of community organisations. The charity offers support and advice to local community organisations and campaigns for more powers to enable communities to deliver services and address local issues.

Locality spent a year examining how Cornwall, Stevenage, Southwark and Wigan are devolving power and working with communities and parish and town councils to enable them to deliver local services.

The report looks at how the four very different local authorities have embraced localism to help transform local places and the lives of those who live there. It describes Cornwall Council’s localism agenda as “one of the most advanced in the country” and outlines our commitment to double devolution – devolving opportunities for local decision making to parishes and communities across Cornwall to strengthen community power.

The way resident-led partnerships and community organisations are working with local authorities to drive change in their areas is also showcased in Power Partnerships: learning from Cornwall.

It’s a fantastic achievement for Cornwall to be recognised in this way and reflects the efforts of town and parish councils, community organisations and Cornwall Council’s commitment to localism to ensure our communities are at the heart of the decision-making process. Thank you for helping to make this possible.


Apprenticeships list available

Did you know that there is a list of apprenticeships currently available, that is regularly updated, via the  Cornwall apprenticeships website. If you work with young people who might be open to an apprenticeship, you can sign upon the website for the regular newsletter with opportunities.


Changing mobile phone provider

As of July, if is now possible to change your mobile phone provider by simply texting ‘PAC’ to 65075.  This will prompt your current phone provider to text you a ‘porting authorisation code’ to allow you to switch to a new phone provider, within minutes.

This change to the previous system has come about through Ofcom, the communications regulator, which found that people were reluctant to change provider due to the pressure from their existing supplier to remain.

You can find out more on the Independent website.


Cyber crime protection

Devon and Cornwall Police are offering free talks to businesses, community groups and organisations around protecting themselves from cyber crime.

Contact Grahame Mace on for more information.

Devon and Cornwall Police are offering free talks to businesses, community groups and organisations around protecting themselves from cyber crime.   Contact Grahame Mace on for more information.


Free resources

And finally, GRIN is launching a new series of useful free resources, via their website.

Part 1, published 1 November, covers

  • pro bono legal services and free professional consulting services,
  • a source of skilled volunteers,
  • free or heavily discounted office space, and
  • business development and sourcing corporate partners / sponsors.