We’ve come across a couple of useful sources of information and advice for voluntary organisations recently – a charities donation platform, around legacies, and some digital media strategies.

Charities Aid Foundation – donations platform

This is a donations platform, similar to options such as Just Giving, which comes with no monthly fee, a host of fundraising reporting tools, automatic gift-aid reclamation, marketing consent collection, and full compliance with all the relevant legislation (GDPR, PCI processing, etc). CAF is a charity, and they operate from the small fees that they charge on donations.

They also have a bank, specifically for not-for-profit organisations, and operate a newsletter, for trustees, investors and fundraisers.

You can find out more about CAF on their website.

Legacies and reputational risk

With news stories recently about charities refusing legacies from unsavoury sources, or unlinking themselves from funding sources built on dubious foundations, Civil Society hosted an event with Bates Wells charities legacies team, plus representatives from Macmillan cancer Support and Cancer Research UK, around when to look a gift horse in the mouth – refusing and returning legacies.

The event has generated a series of tips for charities which are handling this tricky area.  You can find these, and more information, on the Civil Society website.


Digital strategy webinars

Media Trust has launched a free range of digital strategy webinars, specifically designed for charities.

The charity has produced three pre-recorded webinars. The webinar series guides organisations through three core modules. Each module had been designed to address the different stages of developing a digital marketing strategy.

The webinars, which can be used individually or as a series, include:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy: The Basics
  2. Content and Tactics
  3. Digital Marketing Channels


You can find out more on the Civil Society website, and there is a huge range of additional information available on the Media Trust website as well.