ARC UK is launching a new user-led project on domestic abuse and learning disability/autism, which is taking place in Cornwall & Devon over the next two years. ‘Us Too’ is funded by Comic Relief and builds on a successful pilot that took place in Cornwall last year.

They are currently recruiting women with learning disabilities/autism with experience of domestic abuse/sexual violence to write and deliver training for their peers, social care staff, and Domestic Abuse services across Devon & Cornwall. From the Autumn the team will deliver free training to women with learning disabilities and to staff who support them in a range of settings.

These educators will be paid up to the earnings disregard (i.e. max £20 per week) for up to half a day’s training per week.

Peer education workshops will cover:

  • What is domestic abuse?
  • How can I avoid it?
  • What can I do if it is happening to me?
  • How can I report it and what will happen if I do?

Professionals workshops will cover:

  • What is domestic abuse?
  • Indicators of abuse
  • How to support women at risk of abuse
  • How to support women experiencing abuse

Following this, work with Domestic Abuse/Sexual Violence services will focus on supporting them to improve accessibility and service response for women with learning disabilities.


If you are aware of any women who might be interested in joining the Us Too team, or would like to book a free half-day workshop for women with learning disabilities and/or staff, Rod Landman of ARC would be pleased to hear from you. – or 01237 441 786.

Us Too flyer