Publication of The Queen’s Birthday Honours List, due on Sat 13 Jun, has now been postponed until probably late September, in order to enable a few of those who have performed outstandingly well during the COVID-19 outbreak to be recognised on that List.  The Cabinet Office is therefore inviting members of the public to make nominations on a rather shortened form, which can be found on the website.   There are also some examples of those whom you might consider nominating.

Nominations need to be completed and sent in to the Cabinet Office by Friday 24 July, so time is short, although less information is needed and no supporting letters are required.  However, it is expected that a great many nominations will be made, so they need to be well-crafted and persuasive.  It is highly unlikely that someone who has just excelled during this COVID outbreak will be honoured; these honours are most likely to be given to those who excel already, and have also done great things during COVID, which may be considered ‘the icing on the cake’ as far as an award is concerned.

It is likely that next year’s Honours Lists will be dominated by those who have excelled during COVID, which means there will be other opportunities to nominate people if not done now.  For those of you that are aware of people who have already been nominated, and whose nominations are currently being processed, it would be worth writing a supporting letter to the Cabinet Office, explaining any good work that the nominee has done during COVID, as this might well improve the chances of success.


The Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Colonel Edward Bolitho, is keen that some of those who are doing brilliant work in Cornwall should be recognised, so he has asked Cornwall VSF to encourage applications from the voluntary sector, and sharing the message with all our contacts.   He has also offered advice, or to give comments on a draft nomination, if that should be required.  You can contact him via email –