DWP grant for support for disadvantaged families

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is launching a £2.7 million Challenge Fund that will provide grant funding to innovative projects, to gather learning on what works to reduce parental conflict.

The Fund will allocate grants through two strands:

  • A Digital Support for Families strand:£1.6 million is available to provide grant funding to innovative projects that will test what works digitally to support and maintain engagement with disadvantaged families to reduce parental conflict.
  • A Support for Disadvantaged Families strand:A further £1.1 million is available to test what works to support disadvantaged families that are at greater risk of parental conflict, where there is limited existing evidence.

Eligible bidders could include local authorities; digital organisations; organisations from the public and private sector; voluntary and community organisations; and social enterprises. Initiatives should ready to start in April 2019 and be fully delivered by March 2020.

See the Reducing Conflict Fund website, and the DWP press release, for more info.


Department for Education tender for school holiday support provision investigation

DfE are inviting organisations to bid for grant funding to take on the role of testing the coordination of free holiday provision (including healthy food and enriching activities) for disadvantaged children during the 2019 summer holidays in up to 9 upper-tier local authorities. Up to £9m is available in 2019-20 in this grant fund. Find out more on the Grants finder website.

Closing date February 9.