Even if you’re not participating in the Sugar Smart campaign’s Fizz Free February, you can do your bit to help reduce your own and other people’s consumption of unhealthy fizzy drinks – and also reduce the occurrence of single use plastics.

Refill is is an award-winning campaign making it easy for everyone to access free drinking water on the go, so there’s no need to buy bottled water or fizzy drinks – good for the environment, your wallet and your health! There are now more than 16,000 Refill Stations on the app in the UK.  Refill has created an app listing all the places which have signed up to their scheme.  You can download it for Apple or Android, from their website. The website isn’t working quite right at the moment, so you can’t search there to find local places to refill your water bottle, but it looks like there are over 400 Refill Stations in Cornwall at present.

If you have a premises which is publicly accessible, eg a cafe or attraction, you could sign up to be a Refill Station, and ‘put your tap on the map‘ as they say.

Schools can apply to install a heavily subsidised drinking fountain for pupils, through the Drinking Fountain Association.

Sugar Smart are also calling on all employers to make sure their employees have access to tap water in their place of work.

For more information about Sugar Smart, and ideas to promote water instead of fizzy drinks where you are, see the Sugar Smart Get Involved page.  There are boxes at the bottom leading to different types of settings – eg healthcare, primary schools, retail, etc.