Support for the Sector

As we are easing out of lockdown, watching carefully to ensure that there is no second wave (and we’re ready to handle it if there is), Cornwall VSF is working hard to ensure that the VCSE sector is robust, and working together as we move forward.

This page contains links to resources to help organisations now, and as we move forward.

Our vision of the future

Cornwall VSF is pressing ahead with a series of Alliances, linking strategic partners, and partners who work in the same areas (both geographical and thematic). To find out more about our Alliances, and learn how you can get involved, see our Alliances page.


The primary thing that people have been asking us for is funding information. We have collated resources for funders, as well as ‘how to’ information, and data sources to back up your bids, on our Funding page.

There is also information around funding for individuals.


Many organisations are reopening, carefully, and differently than they used to operate before. Find out more about how you can do this safely, including Risk Assessment templates, information specific to village halls, details about Apprenticeships in the voluntary sector in Cornwall, on our Reopening page.

We have information here also about mental health support, and resources, plus outdoor activities that people can do, to help them enjoy our beautiful countryside (also proven to help with mental health).

Ongoing COVID-19 support

For some organisations, and individuals, there is still a need for ongoing support around the coronavirus. There is still current information here, and details of information provision in alternative formats.

You can view all the previous issues of the joint VSF and Cornwall Council newsletter, that were produced throughout lockdown, offering a host of useful information to the sector.