Stephens Scown has published their latest newsletter, and it’s got a good selection of useful articles in again.  Please visit their website to view in full.


Serious Incident Reporting – the Charities Commission has updated its guidance on reporting serious incidents. The article includes a section on trustee responsibilities, what should be reported, how and when to report, and what to put in your annual return.  There are also some practical steps for charity compliance.

Subject Access Requests How to respond to requests for personal data from a person for whom your charity holds that data. Including changes that came in with the rest of GDPR, pitfalls and tips.

Guidance for charities with a connection to a non-charity – New guidance published in March 2019 covers charities with connections to a non-charity, such as a trading subsidiary, organisations funded by a non-charity, or set up by a non-charity (including a social enterprise), or working with a non-charity to deliver services, campaigns or other projects.

Edited highlights of recent communications from the Charities Commission.  Various alerts, reports, guidance, case reports and other information that might have a bearing on how your operation is run.


With many thanks Stephens Scown for sharing this with us.

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