We have been told about a social enterprise accreditation authority, Social Enterprise Mark CIC, which ‘provides a pathway to social enterprise excellence, via externally-assessed independent accreditation services.’

If you are a social enterprise, you may be interested in registering with their organisation. This is their press release:

Get started on the pathway to social enterprise excellence

Are you just starting your journey into social enterprise? Not yet started trading, or just begun to? Or perhaps you have been largely grant dependent?

Demonstrate your commitment to social enterprise principles by working towards recognised standards of good practice.

The new Aspiring Social Enterprise accreditation from Social Enterprise Mark CIC supports new and aspiring social enterprises to get started on the pathway to good practice and excellence.

Through this entry-level accreditation, you can access tailored support to achieve sector-agreed standards of good practice and excellence in social enterprise, represented by the Social Enterprise Mark and Social Enterprise Gold Mark.

Social Enterprise Mark CIC will support you on the journey to becoming a fully accredited social enterprise, with an annual review of your progress towards achieving the Social Enterprise Mark. All for just £150+VAT/year.

Register your interest today – it only takes a couple of minutes!

For more established social enterprises, the Social Enterprise Mark and Social Enterprise Gold Mark are more appropriate.

** UPDATE – 26 July 2019.  Social Enterprise Mark CIC have contacted us to offer a 10% discount on the first year’s Membership, to organisations which are Members of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum.  Make sure you state this on your application form, if you choose to contact them.


Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum does not officially approve or endorse Social Enterprise Mark CIC, and you should make your own judgement about whether your organisation would benefit from this ‘accreditation scheme.