Are you a Small Charity?  Or other similar voluntary organisation?

You are? What a coincidence!

It’s Small Charity Week next week, and Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum is joining with organisations across the UK to promote the work of small charities (and other voluntary organisations), especially here in Cornwall.

If your charity supports other charities, or is organisaing an event for Small Charity Week, or simply if you’d like to promote your services so that other charities (and other organisations) know what you do, then please do head over to our Small Charity Week page, and fill in the form there.  We will be featuring all the organisations who get in touch with us on our website, and also on social media during the week.

We’re going to be using #IloveSmallCharities and #ILoveSmallCharitiesCornwall as our hashtags, so please join in!


We’ve heard from Cornwall Community Accounting Services, who are a small charity which works with community groups to assist with their accounting:

Cornwall Community Accountancy Service (CCAS) has been created to provide assistance with administration and finances for charities and other organisations with charitable objectives.   Once an organisation has these functions running well they can concentrate on their core objectives.  We have had a number of comments from clients such as:  “we would not have been able to take on the extra work we are now doing without your help in getting our finance systems organised” and from a trustee “thank goodness we have some reliable financial information”.

We are a small charity ourselves and so understand fully the difficulties in both running an organisation and maintaining provision of services that we are passionate about.  As we do not provide services directly to the vulnerable and needy we struggle to attract funding from donors and rely mainly on the fees charged for our services.  We therefore need to ensure that we are providing those services cost effectively and giving our clients what they need.  To this end we have designed a short survey that we would like you to complete to direct the future provision of our services.