A big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in Small Charity Week with us this year.  We have been busy on Social Media, trying to engage with activities taking place around Cornwall, and promote the fantastic work of some of the small charities (and other flavours of voluntary organisations) that we have down here.  Shout-out to Steph, who has been running the social media for us this week!

The interviews with different people across the sector have been well received, so watch out for more of those – and if you think you have a story that people might find interesting, drop us a line.  We’d love more people to come on board with this.

Saturday 22 June is earmarked by the organisers of Small Charity Week as a day of celebration, making a fuss of all small charities, (and other voluntary organisations, as we’re not discriminating, down here), and the fabulous work that goes on, often unseen.

Raising the profile of local and locally-operating voluntary organisations, advocating for them on a wider stage, and helping them to find information, resources and connections that they need, are all critical points of what Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum does, on a day-by-day basis.  If you’re not already a Member of Cornwall VSF, then get on board.  If you know an voluntary organisation that isn’t, but could use the support that we provide, drop them a line with a link to our website.  Www.cornwallvsf.org/become-a-member is the place to start!

We are planning a campaign for later in the summer, to persuade more organisations to join us, so if you want to get in ahead of the game, now’s the time.

Existing members may know that we’ve been conducting an audit of everyone’s details, and have temporarily taken down the page that held everyone’s details.  Well, we’re almost finished, and will be making those pages live again very soon.  Thank you for your patience.