Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Safeguarding Adults Board have published a Communications Plan during Covid-19.

It has been recognised that during these unprecedented times, the number of concerns referred to the adult safeguarding team seems to have declined; however, the number of reported Domestic Abuse and alcohol related Domestic Abuse concerns has started to rise. It is particularly important to safeguard adults with care and support needs as they may be at an increased risk of harm and abuse during this time as others may seek to exploit them and their vulnerability is increased due to the additional pressures on services and normal service reductions.

The aim of the plan is to ensure that all agencies, service providers, practitioners and the public are aware that safeguarding is business as usual. The objectives are:

  • encourage the reporting of safeguarding concerns
  • inform people about the increased risk factors
  • educate people to identify the signs of abuse
  • reassure people and support them through the reporting process


Adult Safeguarding – Since lockdown the number of concerns referred to the safeguarding adult’s team in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has declined. The number of reported Domestic Abuse concerns also dropped initially but following an awareness campaign, levels have now started to increase in-line with national trends.
During the current COVID-19 arrangements, more people will be volunteering and coming across people and situations they have not seen before. The Safeguarding Adults Board need to ensure these people are aware of the signs of harm and abuse and what to do when the see this.

Domestic Abuse – Isolating at home means that individuals will be spending more time in the same space with the person harming them. They will be particularly isolated and subject to control by their abuser, and contact with support services or their friends/ family will be more difficult.

A range of resources are available to download:

Say no to abuse leaflet

Are you worried poster

Protecting adults poster 

Guidance on how to report abuse

For more information you can visit the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Safeguarding Adults Board website.