This is a public service announcement – please remember to vote tomorrow!

It is said that if you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain about the political situation.  While it is slightly more complex than that, and there are those who cannot vote, or have chosen to not vote as a protest, there is some validity in the statement.

There is so much at stake in the current political situation – Brexit, climate change, healthcare, benefits, immigration, homes for those who need them, education, and everything else – that you are never going to find a party that matches every one of your views on theses subjects.  And no party will ever get it ‘right’, and bring about universal good to all – a few ‘eggs’ will always be cracked.  However, choosing who to vote for based on the party with the best match for your beliefs, or choosing the person who you believe will make the best local MP, or to keep another person or party out of power, are all valid reasons for making your choice. The important thing is that you do vote, if you can.

Check out our links to the main parties manifestos, and the Easy Read versions, as well as a full list of who is standing where, on this page.


Make sure that people you work with, who are eligible to vote, are encouraged to do so as well, and assisted to do so, if that is required.

Watch this space for news about the policies and changes that will come about after the election, whoever is in power.