The RecordMeNow app is designed for use by people who are dying, or losing their mental capacity, to record messages for their loved ones, especially for parents with young children.  The app prompts with questions about the small mundane things about a person’s life, as well as the big questions, so that once the parent has passed away, the child still has a series of video memories about them, covering silly stories from their childhood, their favourite colour, their recollections of their own grandparents, and memories from when the child was small.

The free app was developed by a counsellor who worked with childhood trauma as a response to the death of her father and a close friend, very close together, when she realised that there were things that she now had no way of asking them.

The app is being embraced by hospices, and people who work with those with conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, where the passage of time diminishes the ability to give such messages in person, but the lady who developed it thinks that ANY parent should leave such messages for their children, in case they die suddenly for some reason.


You can read a fascinating BBC article on the development of the app on their website, and read more about the app on the RecordMeNow website, where there are also links to download it.