Attitudes towards rape

Figures were released this week following research into attitudes towards rape among the general public, in particular what does or does not constitute rape.

Results show that people believe the following fallacies about rape:

  • There has to be physical violence for it to be rape – 33% of people
  • It’s not rape if the woman is flirting – 33% of men, 21% of women
  • If sexual activity continues after a woman changes her mind, it is not rape – 42% of over 65s, 22% of 25-49s
  • Non-consensual sex in marriage isn’t rape – 24% of people
  • It’s not rape if the woman is asleep, or too drunk to consent to sex – 10%
  • ‘Stealthing’ (removing a condom before intercourse, without consent) isn’t rape – 40%
  • A woman with more sexual partners won’t be harmed as much by rape – 11%


There are also figures around common misconceptions about the help that is available after a rape has taken place, with most people thinking that free support is available for all rape victims.

You can read the full report on the website End Violence Against Women.


Domestic Abuse around Christmas

The Charity Refuge has commissioned poetry around the subject of domestic abuse at Christmas.  The poems give a rosy picture of the festivities when read from the top, but when read in reverse paint a picture of the kind of abuse that mars many family Christmases.

You can find a report about the campaign on the Third Sector website, and you may spot it in national newspapers or magazines, and on bus shelters, but this is an example of one of the poems.