The Government released a Green paper on Preventable Ill Health last week, (July 2019), pledging to tackle the main avoidable causes of poor health.

The main measures include

  • Ensuring any smoker admitted to hospital automatically gets offered help to quit
  • Extending tooth brushing schemes in nurseries and primary schools
  • Encouraging “active play” such as skipping in nurseries and more travel by bike and on foot
  • Doubling funding for the diabetes prevention programme which targets lifestyle support to those most at risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Establishing alcohol care teams in more areas
  • Increased use of social prescribing (target: 1m people to benefit by 2024)
  • Launching mental ill health prevention package Every Mind Matters

The measures come on top of steps that have already been consulted on, including:

You can read the full document on the website.  Within the document are links to sub-questionnaires, so that readers can answer on some areas, but not all, if they choose.  These are:

  • improving health & social care policies for poorer communities & excluded groups
  • improving the NHS Health Checks programme
  • ideas for raising funds to help with reducing smoking
  • supporting mothers to breastfeed
  • supporting families with children 0-5
  • supporting people to reach and maintain a healthy weight
  • encouraging more strength and balance exercises
  • supporting good mental health
  • helping people get enough sleep
  • ideas to increase social prescribing
  • water fluoridation schemes
  • information about musculoskeletal health
  • encouraging healthier lifestyles
  • making England a better country to grow old in
  • making the best value of existing assets
  • helping local authorities and the NHS work better together
  • strategy on sexual and reproductive health
  • and anything else you’d like covered!

Please do take some time to give answers on matters that are applicable to your area of work, to make sure that evidence is gathered, and the sector’s views are made known.

The consultation runs until 14 October, and the Government’s response is expected in spring 2020.

You can read the response of the sector, and local government in this article in Care UK.