Cornwall VSF is delighted to announce the publication of a report on a project that we have been involved with for over a year:  Power Partnerships. This work was carried out by Locality, in association with Local Trust and Power to Change, showing how local authorities can strengthen localism to unlock the power of community partnership.

Their website explains:

This report brings together the findings from our year-long action-research project in Cornwall – as well as Southwark, Stevenage and Wigan. You can find the full report, as well as a report of our findings in Cornwall here: on the Locality website.

The report demonstrates how local authorities can devolve power, strengthen local capacity and work with communities and parish and town councils as equal partners in decision-making.

Our report outlines a six step roadmap for local authorities to strengthen localism:

  1. Co-create the vision for localism with communities
  2. Match the ambition with internal organisational change
  3. Map community assets and governance capacity
  4. Invest directly in community infrastructure
  5. Embed the power partnership in community engagement and local governance
  6. Provide flexible funding for local social action.

We are also calling for action from national government to:

  • Take the Localism Act further with new powers for communities to save local spaces, shape local services and local economic plans.
  • Use the next wave of dormant assets, estimated to be worth £2bn to be used to create a Community Wealth Fund to invest in our social and civic infrastructure in our most deprived neighbourhoods.
  • Embed community control in post-EU funding models – including UK Shared Prosperity Fund and the Towns Fund.