Active 8

Active8 was formed in 1990 and is a Cornish charity which aims to empower and motivate young people with physical disabilities to become independent and self-governing. Our work develops young people’s skills, confidence, support structures and aspirations.

We currently run 2 formal programmes, Acceler8 (for ages14-18) and Illumin8 (for ages 18-30).

Acceler8 is a two-year programme which supports young people with physical disabilities, by providing one residential weekend away each month, over 2 years. The young people are provided with activities and experiences, that they never thought would be possible to achieve, increasing their self esteem and confidence.

Illumin8 support young people to find and maintain friendships and allows members to take part in activities and a mentoring program that without help they couldn’t afford or organise. The project helps members to explore becoming more independent through living, travel, volunteering, employment and leisure. The mentoring scheme has been introduced so the old members can provide support to younger members.

For more information please contact us at Active8, B101 Beacon Place, Station Approach, Victoria, PL26 8LG or email the manager at Follow us online at or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @active8online