Bosavern Community Enterprises

Bosavern Community Farm is situated near St Just-in-Penwith. We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise run on Wholesome Food Association principles by a community of employees, members and volunteers.

Our Vision is to develop a self-financing, community-led, food-growing initiative to benefit the wider community of St Just and West Penwith in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way.


We aim to:

To produce and sell local food

To provide community access to land and its produce  To provide opportunities for the local community to come together and learn about growing food, agriculture and  sustainable living  To provide a space for events, workshops, training, social time and celebration


Currently we grow and deliver fresh, local vegetables and eggs to the local community through our veg boxes, our farm shop, local farmers’ markets and to local businesses and schools. We have 6 polytunnels, 300 chickens, a fruit cage, and several bee hives.

In addition Bosavern Community Farm provides an environment for education, workshops, events and for the community to cultivate skills and join together to celebrate the produce and the seasons.