Circling Cornwall CIC

About Circling Cornwall CIC

Thank you for taking an interest in Circling Cornwall. We welcome further questions, feedback and suggestions: we are always keen to evolve healthily.

Mission Statement

Circling Cornwall CIC is a company dedicated to improving people’s personal development through Circling and related activities. We aim to use Circling as a tool for good in ways that also develop wellness and vitality.

We aim to prioritise such development in Cornwall and recognize that outreach and collaboration beyond Cornwall is an important part of achieving these outcomes.

Our Vision

A world in which empowered individuals and teams with a kosmocentric world view can:

Assist others towards greater stages of development.

Balance, Engage, Protect, Inspire Communities.

Our Values

Three of our key values are: inclusion, integration of experience, authenticity. This brief list of abstract nouns (including a noun phrase) isn’t exhaustive.

How do we aim to achieve these things?

We are keen to work with anyone in ways that align with our mission and vision. Through our work we are keen to assist and positively develop, in line with our vision:

People / groups who experience social isolation.

People / groups whose protected characteristics have been, or routinely are, overstepped.

People / groups who are impoverished (we include non-financial forms of poverty).

People / groups who have experienced suffering and growth – particularly but not exclusively due to the circumstances in the three bullet points directly above this one.