Absolute First Aid

You never know when you’ll be with someone who needs first aid. That could be a client, a friend or a family member. That’s why we believe everyone should have basic life-saving skills.

Absolute First Aid aims to make first aid training accessible in Cornwall for schools, communities, social enterprises and charities, and individuals who would otherwise be unable to participate in training. This could mean adjusting standard practices for a group of people who feel socially anxious; running affordable programmes for teaching staff and the local community; or providing training in your own environment.

Absolute First Aid is a Qualsafe Awards approved first aid training centre so you can be sure of a high quality learning experience. Perhaps more importantly, your first aid training will be delivered by an experienced Registered Nurse who is still working within emergency and urgent care settings and has been delivering training for over 20 years. Having spent 25 years as a First Aider and over 10 years as a Nurse, Jason can illustrate his point with real-life stories of first aid being put into practice and a good dose of humour. He has enough experience to answer almost all of the tricky questions you might throw at him too!

You can gain qualifications with Absolute First Aid in

  • First Aid at Work;
  • Paediatric First Aid;
  • Activity First Aid;
  • CPR
  • AED qualifications

Please get in touch to find out more. Email jason@absolutefirstaid.co.uk

Absolute First Aid is a not-for-profit social enterprise (looking at becoming a CIC) aiming to provide accessible first aid training with the aim of equipping more people (particularly parents and teachers) with essential life saving skills; and providing skills development and promoting interest in healthcare for young people, particularly to encourage young men to consider nursing as a career option. All our profits go back into ensuring as many people as possible can be trained in first aid, at a rate they can afford.