A new book has been published documenting the stories of people with Autism and Learning Disabilities in prison.

The book,  Out Of The Shadows: The Untold Story Of People With Autism Or Learning Disabilities, by Polly Braden and Sally Williams, is produced by Multistory and published by Dewi Lewis Publishing at £20.

Three stories are featured in an article in the Guardian, include a woman with mild LD who was abused as a child, and was put to work on the streets aged 14 by her so-called boyfriend. She was prosecuted for burglary, theft, mail deception, criminal damage and fraud, and was routinely humiliated in prison. She is now making good progress, outside prison, thankfully, but only after specialist intervention from a secure rehabilitation unit for women with LD, near Birmingham.

Where around 2% of the population has a Learning Disability, in prisons, around 7% have a learning disability.