With lockdown easing but the pandemic still present, Khulisa has developed a range of offers of support during the summer holidays – for young people, professionals and parents/carers.

Resources for young people

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  • Managing transitions, uncertainty and change (summer holiday edition) – toolkit
  • Wellbeing toolkit
  • Webinar series – 5x hour-long webinars around Exploring Beliefs, Managing Triggers, Wellbeing & Coping Skills, Exploring Emotions, and Resilience (referral form for professionals to pass young peopel to the webinars is avaiable)


Resources for parents and professionals

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  • Parent’s guide to expressing emotion
  • Managing isolation in lockdown – 10-step guide
  • Parent’s guide to support – 1 – emotional wellbeing, 2 – physical wellbeing, 3 – financial support
  • Tips & Techniques for Managing Anxiety in a Pandemic


For further information, email: lisa@khulisa.co.uk.