Peace Education Program in Cornwall

FREE! Peace Education Program (PEP) now in Cornwall.

Everyone can benefit. Many organisations nowadays are using ‘mindfulness’ type activities to enhance the wellbeing of their staff and clientele (often costing a lot of money). Supported by world-wide voluntary effort, the Peace Education Program (PEP) is offered FREE. Local volunteers can either arrange and deliver the course for organisations, or can assist them to do their own.

The customised, interactive workshops are non-religious and non-sectarian. As the PEP is based on basic and universal human principles, such as equality, respect, dignity etc, it fits very well into a wide range of organisations. By developing and empowering people, the PEP enables staff, service users and individuals to discover their true potential. It consists of 10 workshops with a well-devised curriculum, quality supporting materials and clearly stated expected outcomes.

For one hour each week, the multi-media session focusses on helping participants discover their own inner resources, such as Inner Strength, Clarity, Choice and Hope, one theme at a time. It enables people facing challenges in their lives, to accommodate or overcome them, as well as increasing their understanding and appreciation of their own life, and of others.

The PEP has been endorsed and evaluated with very positive results around the world in 84 countries and in 36 languages, from prisons, to libraries, to care groups etc, across the community.

“It’s a very powerful programme – it speaks for itself, it brings peace”

Pastor Lorraine Jones, Brixton UK.


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