Mental Health notices

Healthy Minds Newquay are a community group providing 1) Signposting 2) Chat (experiences, questions, ideas) and 3) Events relating to mental health in Newquay.

Healthy Minds Newquay will have a stall at the Newquay Christmas fair this year – with the usual aim: generate connections and positive conversations … who’s who, what’s what and what more we can all do to support mental wellbeing. They need people on the stall, and also some ideas and activities to create a welcoming environment. Any volunteers? If organisations have any info they would like shared at this event please contact the group through facebook. You can also find out more about the group and activities on their main Facebook page.


Heads Up is offering Mental Health training, via Young People Cornwall.

The training comes in three types:

  1. For young people, around mental health and emotional wellbeing
  2. Top 10 tips around anxiety
  3. Understanding self harm.

These courses are all free, and open to voluntary sector groups.

for more information contact