‘Inside Peace’ feature documentary

Peace Education Cornwall is proud to present the Cornwall Premiere of the award winning feature documentary “Inside Peace”, Thursday 7th February 2019, at 7.30pm at the Royal Polytechnic Society, 24 Church Street, Falmouth.


An inspiring film with a message for everyone!

Four years in the making, Inside Peace is a feature documentary which focuses on three compelling characters who were incarcerated at Dominguez State Jail in San Antonio, Texas. These three criminal offenders were marked by generations of violence, addiction and poor social conditions. The film provides a window into their hearts and minds as they embark on a journey of personal discovery by enrolling in a Peace Class – one of the few self-improvement programs offered in prisons that was not faith-based, but which instead concentrated on the individual’s inner strength and self-worth. We follow them as they rebuild their lives from the inside out while struggling with society’s roadblocks and dangers.

“These stories bleed through Inside Peace, and they are crucial to it, but they’re only part of what the film is about. The men manage to take the message to heart, that they have value as people – no simple lesson… This is where, for the viewer, the awe comes in.”

Robert Koehler, Huffington Post.

For people affected by adversity of all kinds, or who simply want to better understand themselves, there are solutions that have the potential to transform lives – the “Peace Class”, (the Peace Education Program, or PEP) is one of these.

Around the world, the PEP has proved to be a powerful and effective way to awaken an individual’s personal understanding of themselves and of life. It is now used in a wide range of settings across the community – in libraries, welfare departments, voluntary groups of all kinds, universities, schools, etc., with a proven record in 84 countries and 36 languages.

Freely provided and run by volunteers, participants attend a one hour session each week for 10 weeks, watching a series of DVDs which address fundamental topics of understanding such as Clarity, Hope, Self Awareness, Choice etc. The DVDs are based on the talks of international speaker Prem Rawat, who has been speaking for 50 years on the subject of personal peace. The program was developed by the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), a non-profit public foundation which provides humanitarian support worldwide.

Following the screening, we invite you to address the Panellists who will be happy to provide more information about the Peace Education Program, its implementation, the many benefits to participants, and their inspiring stories of personal transformation.

In the meantime, please check out the Peace Education Program website.