Drama Express panto needs volunteers – and an audience!

Drama Express is putting on a pantomime at Porthtowan soon, and is looking for an enthusiastic audience to shout all the tight things – He’s behind you, On no it isn’t, etc.

If you can step up to the plate for this demanding task, they’d be delighted to see you – oh yes they would!

The Pantomime is Morwenna and the Wizard on the Mount, and will be opening at the Village Hall in Porthtowan on Saturday 11 May, at 2pm.  Tickets are £5 unless you can convince them that you’re under 16.

For enquiries or ticket sales, contact Drama Express on 07724 930 744  or dramaexpress11@yahoo.com

Click to download the poster

Drama Express is a charitable organisation supporting children and young people with additional support needs to aspire to performing on stage.

Drama Express is looking for volunteer fundraisers to help them continue the work they’re doing with this wonderful group of young people.  If this is something you can get behind, then do please get in touch with them on the numbers above.

And finally, If you enjoy panto that much that you’d like to be involved, Drama Express is also looking for kind and understanding volunteers to help behind the scenes, with everything from direct support of individuals to general back-stage work.