Cornwall Sustainability Awards open

The 2018 Cornwall Sustainability Awards are now open for applications, with a closing date of October 15.

The CSA encourage, reward, and recognise the excellent work organisations are doing to improve their own sustainability while positively growing the natural environment in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

There are various categories, some of which are more obviously applicable to third sector organisations than other, but many charities and CICs have been represented in these awards in the past, and could easily win again.

The categories are:

MICRO, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE – Best Managed Business

Micro = 1-5 employees, Small = 5-10 employees, Medium = 11-50 employees, Large = 50+ employees. Applicants will show how they have addressed some or all of the many areas which go to create an environmentally sustainable business.

FOOD – Best Contribution Towards Creating a Sustainable Food Economy, from Nature to Plate

This category is for any company which is working within the food industry (or related area) within Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly to create a more sustainable economy.

ENERGY – Best Contribution Towards the Creation of a Sustainable Energy Economy

This category is for individuals (householders), communities, organisations or companies who have designed, developed, integrated or installed any form and scale of sustainable energy into a site or building.

RESOURCES – Best Contribution to Resource Efficiency

This category is for companies that have developed a product, service, campaign or who are operating their organisation using the waste hierarchy principle of reducing, re-using and recycling.

NEW BUILD – Best Contribution to the Built Environment

This category is for new build projects in the domestic, community or commercial sector

RETRO-FIT – Best Contribution to the Built Environment

This category is for retro-fit projects in the domestic, community or commercial sector.

BRAND – Best Contribution to Cornwall’s ‘Brand’ Through Sustainability

This category is for companies who are advocating, enabling, improving and promoting sustainability through Cornwall’s brand.

INDIVIDUAL – Best Individual

Either someone who has gone over and above the call of duty within their day job, or someone who shows a lifelong achievement through a career in sustainability.

COMMUNITY – Best Contribution to Sustainability by Increasing Resilience in the Community

This category is for community based organisations, e.g. schools, Town and Parish Councils, churches, local community groups and any organisations receiving funding from the public sector or public to serve the community.

INNOVATION – Tomorrow’s Contribution to Sustainability – The Greatest Potential Contribution to our Tomorrow

This category is for individuals or companies that show the greatest potential contribution to our tomorrow

LAND – Best Farmer/ Land Manager Delivering Environmental Growth

This category is for farmers or land managers who are committed to the environment.

THEME OF 2018 – Best Contribution to Reducing Plastic in the Environment

This category is for any organisation, group or individual (private, public or third sector) who is focused on actively reducing the amount of plastic in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.


This award is selected by the judges from the winners of the categories above.


You can find out more on the Cornwall Sustainability Awards website.