Climate Change – an evening of discussion and how to tackle it

Cafe Disruptif brings you: An evening of thought-provocation and discussion with Dr Rupert Read, on Thursday 20 Jun at 19:00, in the Opie Building, Pool.

The climate emergency has now hit the headlines. Our biggest task is to engage. We have the technology, the data and the money to face this – it’s just invariably in the wrong place!

This, therefore, is a social problem, not a technological, financial or data problem. We just have to decide to take action. To do that, we need to be able to talk about it, and the consequences we face, openly.

Join us for an evening of discussion with Dr Rupert Read (who you may well have seen or heard on multiple broadcasts talking about climate breakdown and the Extinction Rebellion response.)

To use this time optimally, the evening will be one of open discussion rather than just listening to a talk. Therefore organisers ask you to watch a 45 minute film on YouTube first, and come ready to discuss.

This is extremely important as it means that we can use the evening to actively move the discussion on, rather than just passively listen to where it has got to so far.


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