NCVO call for no-deal Brexit fund for charities

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NVCO) has called on the government to set up a fund to help charities mitigate the effects of a no-deal Brexit.

Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO, warns that “in the event of a no-deal EU exit, it is very likely that many charities will be front and centre not only in providing an immediate response, but also in supporting communities up and down the country in the longer term.

“There is also a strong case for the Office for Civil Society to call for a ‘resilient communities fund’, set up specifically for charities working with and supporting local communities.”

Having written to Baroness Barran, the charities minister, Etherington says government departments have been asked to submit bids to the Treasury for extra funding for a no-deal departure from the EU and has urged Barran to take the opportunity to ask for funding to be set aside for voluntary sector organisations to support local communities.

Etherington goes on to say:

“While business investment is crucial, to be truly effective it must go hand in hand with the social support that many families and individuals need in order to improve their lives and tackle the underlying, often longstanding problems. Often it is community groups and volunteers who can best deliver this.

“However, this could be particularly difficult for charities that are already operating on low reserves. A funding package should therefore be set up specifically for charities that can help support communities with a range of needs in the event of a no-deal EU exit.”


Sustain’s call for a Hardship Fund

Sustain, the food charity, has also echoed this call, and has launched a new e-action to MPs asking them to call on Boris Johnson to confirm a Hardship Fund to support vulnerable people.

Tell Boris: #NoDeal must NOT mean No Meal

#NoDealNoMeal poster. Text: Boris Johnson, please don't let 'no deal Brexit' cause a food crisis for people most in need.

Food experts are calling on the Government to publish their planning assumptions for dealing with food shortages, and Sustain is calling on the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Amber Rudd MP to confirm the details of a Hardship Fund to enable vulnerable people to afford food.

See the Sustain website for details of the campaign, and action that can be taken.


And finally…

If you feel strongly about Brexit, and the role that Civil Society will likely have to play if there is no deal, then you might be interested in the Brexit Civil Society alliance. You can find out more about their work on their website.