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What’s happening in Cornwall’s VCSE sector

Food banks and wealth

Food banks Transformation CPR food bank Vice magazine has visited Transformation CPR Food Bank, and interviewed Donovan Gardner, the manager there. The headline explains that when he began working at the Transformation CPR food bank ten years ago, they gave out 84...

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Open consultations & research

Here are 4 very niche consultations open at the moment – suicide prevention in middle aged men, illegal encampments, heat network metering & billing, and child friendly food packaging.

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NHS Choose Well campaign

Choose Well, the NHS’s campaign to encourage people to go to their pharmacist or GP, visit a Minor Injury Unit, or call NHS 111, instead of calling 999 or going to A&E.

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16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

In 2017-18, it is estimated that 1.3 million women and 695,000 men experienced domestic abuse and 595,000 women and 150,000 men experienced sexual violence in England. On a local level, there were an estimated 21,000 incidents of domestic abuse and 3,000 incidents of...

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