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What’s happening in Cornwall’s VCSE sector

More funding opportunities

Funding for small local groups, for increasing participation in rowing, for disabled, sick or life-limited children, and for small groups encouraging physical activities.

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How to deal with a crisis

PR Week magazine has published a very interesting article looking at how businesses (and by extension, charities) should prepare for crises. With the bad press there has been recently around certain charities, and their actions when problems have surfaced, it is not...

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Childhood obesity

The Government's plan to tackle childhood obesity took another step forward at the end of June, with the publication of 'Chapter 2'. The report opens: Childhood obesity is one of the biggest health problems this country faces. Nearly a quarter of children in England...

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Coast Safety

Timely message from the RNLI about water safety, looking to target young men, who are statistically far more likely to die in the water.

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