Who do you know who is going above and beyond, and deserves to be recognised for their achievements and efforts?

Extraordinary people in the VCSE sector

Cornwall Council has approached VSF to carry out the initial groundwork around putting forward nominations for New Year Honours for 2022, from the VCSE sector. They have asked us to produce a list of possible nominees, looking particularly to cover demographic areas where the awarding body are keen to fill gaps, for example disabled people, women at senior levels, and ethnic minorities.

We are asking those who work in the sector, and are connected with it, to let us know of any individuals who you believe are deserving of an award; we’re just looking for ideas of who could be nominated at present, and a little bit about them.

Would you be able to email Hannah Danson on comms@cornwallvsf.org, by lunchtime on Friday 8 January, with any suggestions you have please?

Who and how

When you’re considering who to nominate, please bear in mind that the guidance includes strict warnings around confidentiality – the person you are considering must not know, although we will be talking to those around them to gather information, later on.

The honours are for a person, not a group, and must be for something that is current, and recent – within the last 5 years.  It need not be restricted to work done around the pandemic response, as there is a separate honours process around that.

You must also be able to explain how the person nominated is exceptional compared to others in a similar role, and how they go ‘above and beyond’.

At this point, we are only seeking names and a few details, and Cornwall Council will follow these up and handle the nominations and supporting documentation, so please don’t give us chapter and verse.  This should take less than 2 minutes of your time!

Many thanks for your support in this – we are committed to raising the profile of the VCSE sector in Cornwall, and this is an important step to ensuring that the sector as a whole received the recognition it deserves.