MPs have published a report recently calling on disability car charity Motability to “stop making excuses”, provide full evidence to the committees’ ongoing investigations and fully implement the National Audit Office’s calls for reforms to the scheme’s financial management.

The report, by the Treasury and Work and Pensions Committees, was published on 13 February, and follows the airing of significant concerns about the scheme, including a bonus of £1.86m paid to the CEO, in addition to his £1.7m salary, and a company reserve of around £2.4bn. The Committee says that Motability is a private company which operates as a monopoly, but still enjoys tax relief and Government support, unlike most other businesses.

The latest call comes after Motability bosses submitted heavily redacted information to the committees, and sees them accused of trying to hide behind ‘commercial sensitivity’, while receiving state aid to fund the scheme.  It is likely that significant changes will be brought in to how the scheme is run behind the scenes, and it will be interesting to see whether this translates to operational changes for the disabled people to whom Motability leases cars.

You can read the full report via the link above.