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Safeguarding in the Aid Sector summit report

Following a conference last month, a summary document has been published on the subject of tackling sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment in the aid sector.


New standards for charities and NGOs around safeguarding

The Department for International Development has published the Standards document that was promised in March around safeguarding those who benefit from the work of charities, and the staff and volunteers who do the work. An update is expected in 2019.



A list of the prescribed persons for whistleblowers to report concerns to has been updated, including Ofcom for broadcasting malpractice, and The Charities Commission for charitable organisations.


Digital wellbeing

Childnet has published Digital Wellbeing Guidance for parents to keep their children safe online, as part of their work at the UK Safer Internet Centre. It looks at boundaries, choices, healthy behaviour and mental health.


Digital fraud

Get Safe Online has produced a new report around the issue of ‘oversharing’ online. These include identity fraud, and the use of location check-ins and holiday snaps by burglars looking for a target.


Decision making and mental capacity

New NICE guidance on decision making and mental capacity has been published for health and social care practitioners.