Funding from national sources for various types of project.

Mental Health

Bupa UK Foundation – Mental Health Funding Programme 2019

Grants are available to not-for-profit organisations in the UK for practical projects that tackle critical challenges in health and social care, make a direct impact on people’s health and wellbeing and address the Foundation’s theme for that year. The theme for 2019 is improving mental health in mid-life (eg age 30-50).

The maximum grant available is £20,000 and the application deadline is 31 May 2019. Projects awarded funding from the Bupa UK Foundation automatically receive an uplift of 15% of the level of funding awarded as a contribution to core costs.
See the Bupa Foundation website for details.


Business and enterprises

Power to Change – Community Business Fund

Grants of £50,000 – £300,000 are available to help locally based and community-led businesses in England to increase their social impact and make them more viable in the long term.
The current round (round 7) is open for applications until 12 noon on 22 May.
Visit the Power to Change website for details.


Cornwall – Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

Grants are available for projects to support potential entrepreneurs in Coast to Coast, West Cornwall, Atlantic and Moor, and the South and East Cornwall Local Action Group areas.

Small grants range from £1,000 up to £9,999 and applications for larger grants are also available (there is no maximum funding level).

  • Small Grants: Enterprise Small Grant – support towards capital expenditure items and business support. Grants for up to 72% of project costs are available.
  • Small Grants: Community Small Grant – for training for unemployed or economically inactive people in CLLD Core areas. Grants for up to 80% of project costs are available.
  • Main Grants: Grants for 45% to 80% towards eligible costs.

Application deadline is 8 June 2019.
See the Community Led Cornwall website for details.


Children and young people

Masonic Charitable Foundation – Early Years Opportunities Grants Programme

Grants for charities in England and Wales that support disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people (up the age of 25 years) to overcome the barriers they face in order to achieve the best possible start in life.

There are two levels of funding:

  • Large grants of between £10,000 and £150,000 for up to three years are available to charities with an income exceeding £500,000. The average large grant will range from £20,000 to £80,000. Occasionally, large grants of up to £150,000 are made for outstanding projects.
  • Small grants of between £500 and £15,000 are available to charities with an income of under £500,000.

Application deadline 31 May 2019.

Seet he Masonic Charitable Foundation website for full details.


BBC Children in Need – Small Grants Programme

Grants of up to £30,000 for not-for-profit organisations that are working with disadvantaged children and young people who are 18 years old and younger, living in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

See the BBC website for full details.