Dear colleagues,

In light of the necessary emergency response required to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, Cornwall VSF  will be suspending business as usual, for the foreseeable future.  Helen Boardman, (CEO) will be working with Cornwall Council to enable and equip the Voluntary Community and Enterprise Sector (VCES) to communicate, co-ordinate and maximise its effective response to COVID 19.  Therefore, we are currently working with our our partners within the VCES to develop a model whereby we can communicate effectively on a day to day basis sharing local intelligence, responding to emergency issues, signposting people to resources, and providing a timely emergency response.

Over the course of the next week, we will be creating a VCES COVID-19 Emergency Response Alliance, and also VCES COVID-19 Emergency Response Locality Hubs to support the VCES sector to better co-ordinate their efforts to support the local people within their communities. The details of this model are still being worked through, and we will be in touch with you if we think you could play a useful role on these groups. We will be releasing at least two publications per week to keep the sector abreast of the issues relating to COVID-19.

Thank you for you ongoing support, efforts and patience with us as we work as quickly as possible to get things mobilised.

Any support you can offer in the next few weeks would be very welcome.

Keep safe