A scheme that provides low cost computers for individuals, community groups, schools and businesses that live and work in rural areas is currently open for applications.

The Rank Foundation’s Computers for Rural People makes laptops and desktop computers available at extra-low charity prices. For people living and/ or working in a rural area a fully functioning computer can be provided for as little as £130. You can view a price list here. 

Individuals, schools, businesses and community groups all qualify for an internet-ready laptops and desktops with pre-installed Microsoft software.

Computers are delivered directly to applicants with a three-month warranty. The computers supplied are reconditioned computers that have been fully refurbished, rather than completely new PCs or laptops.

Eligibility extends to people and organisations in country towns as well as villages, hamlets and individual properties such as farmhouses. The usual definition of a rural settlement of having a population of less than 10,000 should apply to the scheme, but we recommend checking with the Rank Foundation if you’re interested in applying but unsure whether you meet the criteria.

For further information on the scheme and how to order a computer visit http://germinate.net/mission/computers-for-rural-people/