Following the original post of this, on 28 May, five wonderful people have stepped forward to be the representatives for their area – huge thanks to them!

Lisa Pedley, Project Support Co-ordinator, is looking for someone to represent the Caradon area, so if you are interested, please contact her – details at the bottom.

There will be an announcement soon regarding the Voluntary Sector reps on the panels, so you know who to contact.

Local Family Partnerships Voluntary sector reps

Six Local Family Partnerships are being set up, to improve outcomes for children, young people and families across Cornwall.  With one in each locality area, the Partnerships are comprised of multi-agency staff from education providers at all levels, early years, police, housing, community health, job centres, Cornwall Council local Member and staff and someone from the voluntary sector.

Cornwall VSF has been asked to inquire whether anyone in our network would be interested in representing the sector in any of the localities.

Meeting will be quarterly, with the first ones being organised for the end of June and early July this year.

The Expectations of the Local Family Partnerships (LFPs) are:

  • Improve outcomes for children and young people in the locality area
  • Implement relevant priorities of One Vision, reflecting the priorities of Our Safeguarding Children Partnership and Safer Cornwall
  • Establish an accurate and up-to-date understanding of local needs, issues and developments that affect children and families
  • Oversee the effectiveness of local multi-agency arrangements and the effectiveness of services and be accountable through the Quality Assurance & Performance Management framework
  • Strengthen working together with local schools and colleges, early years settings, the police and GPs
  • Target services at particular communities with high need e.g. high child poverty, high levels of Elective Home Education (EHE) when it is not in their best interests
  • Develop the arrangements for the early identification of need, proportional and purposeful support – and where appropriate quick and easy access to early help/support – and when necessary, specialist services

The Terms of Reference and a short slideshow explaining the LFPs can be downloaded.

If you are interested, or wish to find out more, please contact Lisa Pedley, Project Support Coordinator, on 01872 322 671 or lisa.pedley@cornwall.gov.uk